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My mission is to empower students to become both successful and happy. I also share with parents how they can empower their children to make the most of their potential. This is why this section of website falls into two categories – Student related and Parent related. If you are a student, I want to equip you with the tools to succeed in school and beyond. If you are a parent, I want to share with you principles and techniques to help you raise pre-teens/teens who are motivated, responsible and resilient. Check out some of my popular posts and resources, listed by category.

How to Become a Top Student While Sleeping 7-8 Hours a Night

As you implement the tips and techniques outlined in this article, I’m confident that you’ll make progress toward becoming a top student. Wishing you all the best on this exciting journey! Read more…

Successful Students Use These 10 Phrases

The words and phrases you use as you talk to yourself shape the way you feel.
Your self-talk can make you feel discouraged, or it can lift you up.
As a student, it’s important to pay attention to the words you use as you talk to yourself and others. Read more…

How to Study Smart: 15 Scientific Ways to Learn Faster

That’s how many hours there are in one week.
If you’re a student, you probably feel like this isn’t enough.
I know… You have so many assignments to do, projects to work on, and tests to study for.
Plus, you have other activities and commitments.
Read more…

40 Time Management Tips for Students

Everyone gets the same 24 hours each day.
Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa, Isaac Newton, Eleanor Roosevelt, Leonardo da Vinci – they all had 24 hours a day, just like you and me.
What enabled them to lead such significant lives?
They managed their time well. Read more…

14 tips to motivate teenagers

To help your teenager, it is less about doing things to
motivate them, and more about removing obstacles so that
they are free to be self-motivated. That’s why a number of the
tips in this article focus on things not to do.
Read more…

10 Proven ways to get teenager to listen to you

By applying these 10 tips, you’ll build a stronger relationship with your teenager. Over time, your teenager will go from not listening to you, to listening to you willingly! Read more…